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Bay E BILISIM, Turkiye was established in 2013, trying to bring an academic perspective in the rock slope stability and natural stone production sectors with its professional staff. The company has adopted the concept of interdisciplinary work with competent academicians in Geology, Mining, and Informatics. Bay E Bilisim focuses on many parameters to the economy, safety, and minimum waste aimed for production in quarries at our mission and generates practical, rapid, and reliable commercial software for these purposes. Also, Bay E Bilisim is experienced in AI, having projects on machine learning, heuristic algorithms, evolutionary algorithms, and nature-based algorithms.

The University of Petrosani

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The University of Petrosani, Romania is the new name of the Institute of Mining, one of the most famous mining universities in South-eastern Europe. Its tradition goes back to 1864 and from 1948 is in Petrosani, initially known as Coal Institute. Areas of expertise in the current proposal include the followings: photogrammetry and surveying using UAV and LiDAR technology; data processing using Deep Learning for discontinuity sets extraction and characterisation; site investigation & interpretation; derivation of DFNs, waste minimisation and EIA.

The Faculty of Information Studies in Novo Mesto

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The Faculty of Information Studies (FIS) is the first pillar of public higher education in southeast Slovenia, and the first faculty in the city of Novo mesto. It is also the first public faculty not affiliated with any of the Slovenian universities. FIS has about 350 students at varying study programs related to computer science, IT, business administration, and social sciences. This includes about 30 students at the doctoral level. We are pursuing the vision to become a major European center for high-performance computing and data science. We are actively engaged with the local industry and business environment. About 70% of FIS's annual budget comes from research and development projects, financed by national and international agencies. 


FIS is participating in this project via Dr Zoran Levnajic. He is an Associate Professor of Computer Science, presently serving as the Head of the Complex systems and Data science Lab and as the Head of FIS's Doctoral school. His research revolves around computational models of complex systems, including development and application of optimization methods. This on one side involves empirical datasets that are analyzed via state of the art data mining/machine learning techniques. On the other hand, classes of mathematical models are developed not from the data, but based on sound hypotheses about the underlying system. His research group presently includes 1 assistant professor, 3 PhD students, and 3 MSc students.


FIS is the head of WP4, which aims at designing novel algorithms for finding the maximal cuboids within polyhedra, depending on their convexness and other properties. This WP is divided into 5 tasks, concluding with the development of user-friendly software packages. FIS is also involved, although to a smaller extent, with WP2 and WP3.

The University of Bologna

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The University of Bologna, Italy has more than 40 year's background in mining research. The specialisation includes non-invasive rock mass characterisation, mining optimisation, environmental protection and health and safety at the working place.

The Geological Institute of Romania

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The Geological Institute of Romania was founded in 1906 with a national geological study's mission, being a member of the EuroGeoSurvey. Its area of expertise covers geophysical methods, including remote source methods, geological and geophysical data with resource calculation and 3D models. GIR has a rich database of geological and geophysical maps/ sections of different scales in Romania, a robust infrastructure and competent human resources in geology-geophysics, and related fields, such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, information technology and communications.